Here my intro>> call me “eLL”
Influence of music>> muse,,pierce the veil,,you me at six,,nickelback,,Paul McCartney,,Ben kenney,flea(RHCP),johnny christ(a7x),reginald fieldy’s(koRn) and manyyyy moooreee….!!

i Love>>women(my beloved supermom and wonder mom),Abigail ♥♥,football,listen KRIP ,electronica, post hardcore, metalcore and another foreign music, writing bullshit, reading books, play bass, study bout knowledge, singing (make it false) and loving this life.

I hate>>selfish human, get an angry, got a crap on my teeth or any diseases,psycho.

Note>> hi guys!! Maybe im not someone that could be what u wish, but i really obssesed become ur friend, lets be a friend, i wanna know all bout u,if u wanted something private just send me a message.. I love u guys, te amo, jet aime, aishiteru, ich liebe dich!!


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